(08-15-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1467Fixed an issue with admin access to user accounts
CLOUD-1440Removed some subaccounts from Twilio.
CLOUD-1468Fixed consistency with email campaign graph chart numbers.
CLOUD-1444Added an editable note on campaigns in the inbox tab.
CLOUD-1434Added a pie chart to the campaign stats.
CLOUD-1450Fixed an issue with a client's payment not going through
CLOUD-1464Added timezone functionality to email campaigns.
CLOUD-1454Updated the email builder's appearance.
CLOUD-1451Resolved minor issues with the CSV export file for contacts.
CLOUD-1453Fixed an issue where large contact files wouldn't upload correctly.
CLOUD-1446Fixed the admin view for user password registration where some customers would appear as not having set their password yet.
CLOUD-1445Reapplied the restriction on making multiple accounts with the same email.
CLOUD-1471Added ability to drill into the individual categories on the campaign stats screen.
CLOUD-1461Added a category to the email builder to attach a name to the email.
CLOUD-1379Implemented collection campaign functionality into the SMS campaign builder.
CLOUD-1422Added an error percentage of an account to the admin view. If an account reaches a certain error threshold, the account is put offline until the error can be properly diagnosed.
CLOUD-1419Added better tracking for new signups on Twilio.
CLOUD-1449Fixed an issue with case sensitivity for emails during account creation and signin.
CLOUD-1423Fixed issue where users weren't able to make short-links.
CLOUD-1466Implemented better loading times to the admin view.
CLOUD-1474Added "last campaign" view to inbox.
CLOUD-1457Fixed automated messaging not triggering in flows.
CLOUD-1452Added visual feedback when a user is uploading contacts.
CLOUD-1435Fixed a client not being able to move messages to other folders.
CLOUD-1429Added client SMS stats to the admin dashboard.