(08-30-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1513Fixed an issue with the automated initial message on signup.
CLOUD-1435Fixed an issue where messages in the inbox couldn't be moved to other folders for a client.
CLOUD-1429Added individual client stats to the admin screen.
CLOUD-1487Fixed an issue with the notes not migrating to the contact in the inbox message board after initial launch of a campaign.
CLOUD-1453Fixed a persisting issue with uploading massive contact lists.
CLOUD-1478Added configuration options for the number of contacts displayed when setting up an email campaign.
CLOUD-1463Introduced API checks when sending campaigns and messages.
CLOUD-1468Improved loading times the campaign view.
CLOUD-1509Tightened compliance requirements in response to security issues.
CLOUD-1515Fixed issues with inbox not updating with contact responses.
CLOUD-1516Fixed issue where attempting to upgrade from the SMS campaign screen would direct the user to a blank page.
CLOUD-1518Fixed issue where triggering billing would automatically launch all scheduled campaigns.