(11-21-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1528When a user searches a contact, leaves the page, and returns, the page doesn't show the last searched contact.
CLOUD-1611Fixed issues where admin dashboard couldn't export the account list.
CLOUD-1560Added option to properly configure a return email upon first configuring the email user.
CLOUD-1561Added automated email campaigns.
CLOUD-1629Removed the 'login' button from the splash screen after initial signup.
CLOUD-1647Removed the need for phone number registration for SMS campaigns, admin, the inbox, and the dashboard.
CLOUD-1627Improved loading times of the login page.
CLOUD-1626Improved loading times of the registration page.
CLOUD-1625Updated the popups for campaign creation to properly show character limits.
CLOUD-1630Improved general loading times.
CLOUD-1643Added back welcome dialogue upon registration.
CLOUD-1650Removed opt-out emails.
CLOUD-1645Made email configuration client-specific instead of account-wide.