(03-23-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1201The auto response checkbox on a phone number in the settings tab is now more properly aligned with the other lines.
CLOUD-1102Fixed issue when importing a CSV file of contacts, if there is a column with empty variables that aren't the first name, last name, or phone number, the upload won't fail.
CLOUD-1022Added block inbound calls/text messages checkbox on contact settings.
CLOUD-1238Fixed issue where putting in an invalid time when scheduling an SMS or email campaign would completely prevent launching the campaign regardless of whether the date had been changed to a valid value.
CLOUD-1239Duplicate of CLOUD-1238.
CLOUD-1032Fixed issue where an error would occur when launching a campaign and using the "+ add contacts" option.
CLOUD-1220Added an automated email that alerts the user in the case of a failed CSV upload.
CLOUD-1212Increased character limit of the email title.
CLOUD-1221Admin is now internally alerted to CSV upload failures.
CLOUD-1224Fixed an issue with searching contacts when making a new contact list from existing contacts.
CLOUD-1249Changed URL shortener to where only trusted accounts have access to that feature.
CLOUD-1223Added an alert when making an SMS campaign. If the user applies a custom variable not previously defined in any of the contacts receiving the campaign.
CLOUD-1226Changed the wording when deleting a contact.
CLOUD-1232Fixed an issue with the First Campaign upon signup.
CLOUD-1222Fixed an issue where Canadian phone numbers couldn't be reached.
CLOUD-1218With the new limitations on non-company emails for signup, the signup page will now highlight errors appropriately.