1.2 Establishing User Permissions

Depending on what capabilities the account owner wants the other users to have, there are the three different categories as previously mentioned.

Client Admin

  • Have the full set of privileges needed in order to upload databases and associated
    documents, validate and submit them to the Bureau.
  • Can manage the access right(s) of other member(s) of his/her administration, as well
    as to add and/or to remove the accounts for operator role(s) in his/her
    • The Bureau is the only responsible for registering accounts for Administration Manager role.

Client User

  • Client users will be limited to a single client scope.
  • Have access to all the features that the subscription plan allows.
  • Won’t be able to see specific information like billing information and some settings.

Compliance User

  • All the same permissions as a Client User.
  • Working on additional functionality.