(06-25-24) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1802Activities on CCAI will now appear on HubSpot if the accounts are linked.
CLOUD-1702Made adjustments to the SMS dashboard charts to better display high-volume campaign outputs.
CLOUD-1668Fixed some inconsistencies with the email dashboard and the actual email output.
CLOUD-1796Accounts that sign in using Google on a Cognito window are now easier to remove.
CLOUD-1810Incoming message webhooks work for Telnyx and Twilio. Correctly called with an object that has the message non-private information.
CLOUD-1809The scope of the sent SMS and email tabs will now default to the past 30 days.
CLOUD-1808The status category of the SMS sent tab will default to all types.
CLOUD-1813Fixed an issue where if a contact list was uploaded with an email category that had no entries for any contact, drilling into any contact would show no contact information in any category.
CLOUD-1772Fixed an issue where putting blank spaces before any of the names in first name, last name, and email would cause validation errors in each of those categories.