(07-27-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1426Changed the display on the 'sent' tab to show messages sent rather than the total number of segments.
CLOUD-1427For campaigns with errors, Twilio error codes are now incorporated into the campaign result downloadable.
CLOUD-1375Removed the possibility to extend the email subject long enough to incorporate more than one line.
CLOUD-1409Fixed an issue charging a client.
CLOUD-1401Added file functionality to short links.
CLOUD-1318Fixed some issues on a client's dashboard.
CLOUD-1399Fixed invites not working.
CLOUD-1403White label clients are now differentiated on the admin view.
CLOUD-1374Changed how the email editor initially appears.
CLOUD-1371Added a chart for the SMS and email dashboards.
CLOUD-1381Fixed total contact count for a client.
CLOUD-1383Large contact lists will now upload appropriately.
CLOUD-1398'Trusted' functionality can now be toggled on individual clients.
CLOUD-1382Removed the 'update payment' blurb at the top of the screen. Users will now be greeted with a popup upon login.
CLOUD-1378To avoid clutter on the contacts page, subscribed and unsubscribed contacts are now on separate tabs.
CLOUD-1416Implemented a UI for Voice Campaigns.
CLOUD-1415Voice Campaign lists will now populate correctly.
CLOUD-1397HubSpot Integration logs activity.
CLOUD-1372HubSpot can now oversee campaign management.
CLOUD-1407Removed Google and Amazon logins from the white label version of the website login screen.
CLOUD-1408Fixed login issue from Admin screen.
CLOUD-1414Added activity tracking on the Admin view.
CLOUD-1265Signup emails listed on Sendgrid.