(11-01-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1571Contacts that don't have a first or last name that are uploaded to an email campaign will no longer crash the campaign.
CLOUD-1555Admins can now reset the registered phone numbers of individual accounts.
CLOUD-1595Added option to mark a contact as "do not email."
CLOUD-1593Account owners can only change the name of clients.
CLOUD-1619Fixed some issues with scheduled email campaigns showing up further than they actually were marked to launch.
CLOUD-1612Trial users can use some limited features if they have yet to register a phone number.
CLOUD-1613Removed the welcome dialogue window.
CLOUD-1617Gave the error message for adding a contact list that would surpass the user's limit proper dialogue.
CLOUD-1618Fixed an issue with updating an empty list.
CLOUD-1615Updated text on the verify phone number popup.
CLOUD-1610User's email now rendered in the upper right of the screen right beside the client label.
CLOUD-1556Admin can now update user's email.
CLOUD-1589Updated sent view for emails to better show if a campaign is successful or not.
CLOUD-1594Improved dialogue for when a user has surpassed their AI draft limit.