(01-26-23) Release Notes

Jira ticketDescription
CLOUD-1147Added the option to buy a toll-free phone number.
CLOUD-1033Certain monitoring microservices weren't restarting after uploading a contact list.
CLOUD-968Improved logging, no longer will just dump hibernate queries.
CLOUD-1001Fixed Swagger file validation for the core.
CLOUD-897Implemented Zapier integration.
CLOUD-976Improved optimization via NewRelic to the core component.
CLOUD-973Upgraded from Swagger 2 to Swagger 3.
CLOUD-1091Added support for UK texting.
CLOUD-1094When a new text arrives, if the user is working on responding to a text, they are being routed to the new Test message, then when they go back to the response they were working on, the text has been erased.
CLOUD-1095Resolved issue with texting to Puerto Rico.