Delivery Error Codes


Whenever users look at a campaign that failed to go out, and the associated error code that comes tied with it when the cursor hovers over the error icon. Here are what those codes mean.

Internal Errors

CCAI-ERR-00Phone validation error
CCAI-ERR-02Carrier Stated Landline
CCAI-ERR-03Invalid Phone Number
CCAI-ERR-10SMS Quota Exceeded
2001User asked to not text them (OptOut error)
1000This account has exceeded trial SMS limit
1001This client has exceeded monthly SMS limit

Common Twilio Errors

There are many more than documented here, but these are the most likely error codes to appear when using CCAI. For the full list of potential Twilio errors, feel free to check out the entire roster here on their own documentation.

21211Invalid 'To' Phone Number
21408Permission to send an SMS has not been enabled for the region indicated by the 'To' number
21602Message body is required
21610Attempt to send to unsubscribed recipient
21704The Messaging Service contains no phone numbers
30002Account suspended
30003Unreachable destination handset
30004Message blocked
30005Unknown destination handset
30006Landline or unreachable carrier
30007Carrier violation
30007Message filtered