(06-04-24) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1778Added templates for flows when the user goes to build a new flow.
CLOUD-1764Added a minimap to the flow builder, letting users expand upon flows and re-center if they need to.
CLOUD-1766Users can now add additional contacts to a scheduled campaign.
CLOUD-1767Emails now accept variables for using contact first names and last names.
CLOUD-1740Added breadcrumbs when a user drills into a scheduled SMS campaign.
CLOUD-1790Fixed issue where expired trial accounts couldn't upgrade.
CLOUD-1779Flows now have autosaves anytime a new step is added and a popup will appear when the user wants to save the flow prompting for a flow name.
CLOUD-1735Added tags to email messages.
CLOUD-1777Added more timer options to flows, including minutes, hours, and days.
CLOUD-1695Fixed issues involving adding contacts to lists.
CLOUD-1773If a users drills into a contact they are looking up, hitting back will retain any filters they had applied to find the contact.