(05-17-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1327Added tickbox to the "Existing Lists" radiobutton during campaign creation. Scheduled campaigns with the tickbox checked will adjust contacted customers if the selected list is updated prior to campaign launch.
CLOUD-1326Reconfigured confirmation email to send to a secondary recipient for logging purposes.
CLOUD-1313Resolved inconsistencies between accessing client info between the clients tab and the inbox messaging page.
CLOUD-1320Updated visuals for updating a contact list to make more sense.
CLOUD-1312Updated list details so contacts and lists of file imports are kept on separate tabs.
CLOUD-1324Added ability to look up contact lists by their list names.
CLOUD-1325Updated wording on the settings tab for sending notifications for file imports and incoming messages from customers.
CLOUD-1322Increased character limit in an email campaign and fixed an issue where emails with above 320 characters could not be updated.
CLOUD-1304Made errors that trigger when sending to an invalid or blocked number more visible on the inbox.
CLOUD-1316Added a search bar for names, emails, and phone numbers on the contact list details.