(09-28-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1488Fixed an account's client's issue with increased loading times when searching through their contacts.
CLOUD-1494Improved loading times when using the search function for larger contact lists.
CLOUD-1537Removed the 'unsubscribed contacts' list from the contacts tab due to performance issues.
CLOUD-1522Fixed an account's contact list loading times.
CLOUD-1504Updated the CampaignSender microservice to manage different SMS senders according to the Account configuration.
CLOUD-1502Implemented the Telnyx Webhook handler into SMSTracker microservice.
CLOUD-1501Created a new Telnyx SMS/MMS Sender implementation.
CLOUD-1503Added the ability to set up Telnyx configuration by Account.
CLOUD-1505Added the ability to set up Telnyx configurations for the Trial/OTP senders.
CLOUD-1507Implemented an incoming SMS Webhook Handler for Telnyx.
CLOUD-1508Implemented the option for Phone Number purchase in Telnyx.