(04-13-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1266Fixed issue where moving a message to a different inbox would result in the messages in the currently viewed inbox to reorganize from oldest to newest.
CLOUD-1262Fixed issues with account search on the admin page.
CLOUD-1241Fixed issue where text chat box wouldn't expand depending on the length of the message.
CLOUD-1251Fixed an specific issue with a customer's account and a 'save client' page.
CLOUD-1233Added ability for admins to easily generate new accounts from admin view.
CLOUD-1257Changed base values of email campaign templates.
CLOUD-1253Fixed an issue where unread inbox messages weren't marked in bold.
CLOUD-1247Fixed issue where a campaign scheduled past the expiration date of a trial account or a pending campaign that isn't verified by the time the trial account expires wouldn't go into an error state.
CLOUD-1261Implemented tracking for email campaigns to show when contacts click on a message and when they open it.
CLOUD-1165Resolved an older issue where SMS messaging would fail with spaces in the phone number.
CLOUD-1240Implemented call forwarding. Inbound messages to the client can now be directed to a landline or cell number.