(05-31-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1318Fixed tracking issues with the SMS tracker on the dashboard.
CLOUD-1307Added configuration setting for whether [shift] will either shift to a new line in the message bar or send the message.
CLOUD-1337Added new categories for the sent tab: the time when the campaign was created and the time when the campaign launched.
CLOUD-1335Added arrows to the time categories in sent to better show what order the category is being displayed in.
CLOUD-1305Added last-message functionality to the inbox.
CLOUD-1336Sent campaigns and pending campaigns are now kept in separate tabs.
CLOUD-1343Added configuration setting to whether outgoing messages not directly in the inbox will update the inbox.
CLOUD-1339Fixed issue where bold font in inbox wasn't returning to normal font after a message was read.
CLOUD-1340Changed sent tab to display sent messages as opposed to the number of total segments.
CLOUD-1344Failed messages will still be kept in the inbox/message tab under the contact info.
CLOUD-1345Fixed issue where sent tab searches wouldn't send all messages in the past 48 hours.