Phone Numbers

CloudContactAI has been optimized to run over regular 10 (and 9, depending on the country) digit phone numbers. We work well with short codes, and we can provide these short codes after a minimal application process. The greatest advantage of short codes is that they have greater throughput - you can send many messages per second from one number. On the other hand, short codes are by comparison more expensive and are usually associated with bots, scammers, and spam.

Long-codes are by far more advantageous. They are cheap ($1 per number in the US) and feel much more personal - ideal for 2-way messaging and relationship building. Since most companies prefer to use long-codes, CCAI has optimized their utility.

Acquiring a Phone Number


When you make your first purchase on a CloudContactAI account, we buy a phone number for you. Each customer that you text will only see messages from one number. After that, depending on what subscription model you are using, you can purchase additional number to user under the settings tab.

911 1030

Additional numbers can be used across different clients and will now become an additional part of the billing process. This can be viewed under the total numbers being used on the billing spreadsheet.

If a number is no longer needed or unwanted, there is a red trash can icon on the far right side of the bar that will remove the phone number completely and remove it from the bill. The blue pen icon


***currently broken, need to update after fix