(04-27-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1279Fixed issue where uploading contact lists with spaces in the contact name(s) would trigger an error.
CLOUD-1278Fixed issue where fields that weren't the first name, last name, email, or first phone number weren't checked off on the CSV upload UI.
CLOUD-1277Fixed issue where categories with '-' in them would upload, but were erroneously marked as invalid in the upload CSV UI.
CLOUD-1280Fixed phone number formatting in contact lists.
CLOUD-1283Added ability to find contact information after drilling into a message in the 'sent' tab.
CLOUD-1263Added flexibility to uploading CSV files. Headers of numerical or categorized emails are now accepted and kept separate from the primary phone number or email.
CLOUD-1291If a campaign is launched with an erroneous contacts file, the campaign will be set to error instead of pending, preventing a softlock.
CLOUD-1282Improved visuals when selecting multiple contacts during SMS campaign creation.
CLOUD-1292Changed emails for sending account validations and password resets due to issues with being highlighted as phishers.
CLOUD-1268Added feature where contacts that have received a campaign before now have identification for their phone numbers. I.e., if they're a landline or what mobile service they use.
CLOUD-1272Improved loading times for campaign lists on admin.
CLOUD-1271Users can no longer launch campaigns using uploaded CSVs that have completely empty columns.
CLOUD-1273Added better controls for admin to change the state of pending campaigns.
CLOUD-1293Added options for renaming an uploaded contact list.
CLOUD-1128Replaced the previous email builder.
CLOUD-1269On the emails tab, campaigns now show the time they were sent.
CLOUD-1264Fixed issue where new signups were being added twice to the contacts list for the automated email that managed verifications, etc.
CLOUD-1290Fixed logic for charging customers with the manual billing controls on admin.
CLOUD-1284Added offline transfer payments.
CLOUD-1236Added emails to inform trial users when one day remains of their trial and when their trial has expired.
CLOUD-1265Added email logging for new signups on SendGrid.