(02-23-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1184Added admin accounts tab to admin view.
CLOUD-1186Resolved issue with admin invite regarding the invite emails.
CLOUD-1117Added 'date added' and 'date updated' fields to contacts.
CLOUD-1142Changed it where after someone has deleted all contacts in the contacts tab, the table is now replaced with the 'no contacts' splash screen.
CLOUD-1177Updated logic for the admin confirmation splash screen that untrusted users will receive while trusted users will not get this verification splash screen when sending a campaign.
CLOUD-1173Deleting contacts will no longer break the listed messages on the Sent tab.
CLOUD-1182Implemented autofill variables for debt collection.
CLOUD-1185Fixed an vulnerability where users could circumnavigate the email verification process by abusing the "forgot password" button.
CLOUD-1176Fixed issue where messages sent to out-of-country contacts that would throw an error due to in-country limits would still read as 'sent' in the Sent tab.
CLOUD-1168Fixed issue where the error that would be thrown when sending an out-of-country message would work inconsistently. Ties into CLOUD-1176.