(03-09-23) Release Notes

Jira TicketDescription
CLOUD-1200Added the contact name to the header of the contact details screen.
CLOUD-1192Added the ability to copy an invitation link on admin if the invite email doesn't work.
CLOUD-1198Resolved issue where sorting contacts by 'last updated' wouldn't work.
CLOUD-1205Added export function for the contacts list.
CLOUD-1199Added email history list that is viewable when the user drills into a specific contact.
CLOUD-1209Added the ability to edit a scheduled campaign if it is awaiting launch.
CLOUD-1195Added TrustPilot functionality to show users on admin when new signups occur.
CLOUD-1202Resolved issue when procuring a new client, the area code search wouldn't work.
CLOUD-1208Added improved details to the scheduled emails, including from email and scheduled date.